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  • Do I have to pay for a budget analysis?

    No. Clients who only come in for a budget analysis do not need to pay for that service. If clients subsequently decide to include their unsecured debts in a Debt Management Plan, then we will assess a one-time setup fee as well as a monthly service charge.

  • Is counseling confidential?

    Yes. Counseling is confidential. Professional counselors do not discuss a client's personal situation with any third party unless the client has duly authorized us to do so. Client records are maintained in secure facilities.

  • How are the services provided?

    The counseling session may be carried out face to face, by phone or online. You may call 1-800-717-2227 or (787) 722-8835 for an appointment or you may begin a counseling session now.

  • How long does the counseling session last?

    Each client's financial situation is different and we need to take into consideration your specific needs. Most of the counseling sessions last 60 minutes, but other specialized services may entail up to 120 minutes. If you are short on time please send us an e-mail message or start an online session now. Having on hand all required debt-related documentation expedites the process and reduces duration of the counseling session.

  • What documents should I have on hand for the counseling session?

    At a minimum, you should have the following: proof of income, utilities' invoices, credit card statements, personal loan payment books, and any letters received from your creditors or collection agencies. If any of these documents were not available, you should prepare a list of your monthly income, expenses and debts (amount owed as well as the assigned payment) and provide it to your counselor.

  • How to start?

    The first step toward regaining your financial health is to seek counseling. To set up an appointment at the branch nearest your home, you may call 1-800-717-2227 or (787) 722-8835. You may also fill out an online counseling form. Remember to have on hand all of the required documentation during your counseling session.

  • Is my information protected on this site?

    Yes. CONSUMER is committed to maintaining the clients' privacy and confidentiality over the Internet. Our privacy policy sets forth the measures that we have taken to ensure that the data that you provide through that means are appropriately used and kept in complete confidentiality.

  • What happens after I fill out an online counseling form?

    After filling an online counseling form, a counselor will contact you to discuss your financial situation, help you create a realistic budget, and discuss with you possible alternatives that will enable you to comply with your debt obligations.